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We are pleased that you have opened our web-brochure of information. Our interest is that you can obtain an overview and general understanding of the projects that we do at FORM Architectural, Inc. We have included a selected list of projects and photos that will describe a cross section of the work that we have done in the past.

Our design for each client, is that we can creatively bring to your project, using our architectural design expertise, a developed design that exceeds your requirements. We have a variety of design solutions that we have completed for other clients with different design requirements. We will be pleased to expand on the client needs and how we were able to meet their design program. Each client is unique, and their individual project is also unique. We approach each client from the perspective of their needs first. Second are their project restraints as a contrast to the client’s parameters of the project. Third our concern is the coordinated budget as an “implementation restriction” - important if the design is to be constructed, or not important if “money is not a concern”.

Our background as an Architect, General Contractor, and most of the time “Engineer of record”, give us the ability to analyze the overall scope of work and synthesize the design requirements with the finished project.

We look forward to working closely with you to develop an exciting design solution for your project and hope you find the information within this web-brochure interesting and informative.

Michael Silva
Architect and President, FORM Architectural, Inc.


Michael Silva
Architect and General Contractor

FORM Architectural, Inc.
P.O. Box 260192
Encino, CA 91426-0192

Tel: (818) 705-7768
Fax: (818) 996-1342
Cell: (818) 437-6568




      University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA - Extension)
            Real Estate Development Analysis/Syndication/Appraisal
      University of Southern California (USC - Extension)
            Real Estate Finance/Development Analysis/Management
      California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)
            B.S. Architecture/ Development Analysis


      General Contractor License- California (B/442000)
      Specialty License, Epoxy Grouting- California (C/60)
      Licensed Architect – California (C12976)
      Licensed Architect – Idaho (AR-984720)
      National Council Architectural Registration Board, All States and Canada- (32,879)
      Sponsor and Facilitator -- Intern Development Program to begin in 2005.
      International Conference of Building Officials – Certified General Contractor(18)


President, FORM Architectural, Inc.; Architectural Design, Project Analysis, General Contracting and Construction Management Services, Church Client services focused on Churches and the needs of their congregations for Construction and Design Consultation. Services include Master Plan Design Services for expansion in phases, permit processing, Architectural / Structural services, Sound/ Lighting/ Computer Information Systems Consulting - February 2007 was the 23rd Anniversary of the company operating in Southern California.
Founding Director, Wings of Faith, A Family of Families, (Jan. 1999 to Present) Woodland Hills, CA
High School Baseball Coach, Los Angeles Baptist—7 years, American Legion 2001-2005, Connie Mack 2004 – 2007, Fall Program 2002 - 2006/ Winter Baseball Conditioning, Varsity Baseball Program 2002 -2007, North Hills, CA
Board of Directors- Valley Christian Athletic Association, Youth Baseball; Commissioner of Senior Division (2 years), Executive Committee, Ways and Means (4 years), Coach / Manager (9 years).
Board of Elders and Deacons- Cornerstone Christian Church (1996 through 1998). Northridge, CA




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